Ryokan Kurashiki
Kurashiki, Japan
Welcome to Ryokan Kurashiki. A nostalgic and peaceful time, traditional taste and relaxing rooms are awaiting - the true Japan is here. This Ryokan is situated in the historical core of this beautiful town, Kurashiki, with heart-warming hospitality you cannot find in any other place in Japan.

This Ryokan, with its 5 unique rooms (accommodating anywhere from 2 to 8 persons) is magnificent in its originality, simplicity and true Japanese flair. Not to be missed if visiting Japan.

A true highlight of this town is the historical core, with its many canals, its authentic shops, Sake Breweries and many restaurants to choose from. Moreover, the The Ohara Museum of Art in Kurashiki is a must see, was formed by the original collection of Mr ?hara Magosaburō, on the advice of the Japanese painter Kojima Torajirō (1881??1929) and the French artist Edmond Aman-Jean (1860??1935). Ryokan Kurashiki offers all of this and unforgettable japanese hospitality.
?? Okayama Airport. 30 minutes
?? Haneda Airport: 3.5 hours

? Tokyo: 3.5hrs by Shinkansen
? Kyoto: 90 min. by Shinkansen to Okayama
? Okayama: 15 Min. by train to Kurashiki
? Kurashiki Train Station: 10 Min. transfer

5 exclusive Japanese-style accommodations:
? Okuzashiki: for 1-6 guests, the most luxurious room (like a private guest residence),located at the innermost part of the Ryokan. 2 Japanese-style rooms, a twin bedded room, a bath, a shower booth and 2 toilets.
? Tatsumi: for 1-4 guests with a room on the 2nd floor, converted from a former granary of about 260 years old, with an attic atmosphere, thus mostly loved by modern-Japanese artists.
A Japanese-style room, a twin bedded room, a bath and a toilet.
? Kura: a maisonette style room converted from a tool shed of Edo period (1903-1867), with a cozy Japanese-style room with built-in Kotatsu/ foot warmer on the 1st floor and another Japanese-style room like an attic on the 2nd floor. For 1 to 4 guests with 2 Japanese-style rooms, a twin bedded room, a bath & a toilet, 1 to 6 guests.
? Higashi: a room converted from a former rice granary of about 260 years old, comfortable with wide Tatami floor. A Japanese-style, a twin bedded room, a bath and a toilet.
? Matsu: for 1 to 4 guests, a room with a nostalgic atmosphere and a modern-Japanese taste, with a Japanese-style, a twin bedded room, a Western-style room, a bath and a toilet.

? Kaiseki dining in a private room
? Main Ryokan Restaurant
? Seasonal Menu (delightful)

? Meander through the tiny alleyways and historical core of this beautiful canal-filled town.
? Visit a most traditional Sake Brewery in downtown Kurashiki
? Many local and authentic restaurants to choose from.
? The Ohara Museum of Art in Kurashiki was the first collection of Western art to be permanently exhibited in Japan. The museum opened in 1930 and originally consisted almost entirely of French paintings and sculptures of the 19th and 20th centuries. The collection has now expanded to include paintings of the Italian Renaissance and of the Dutch and Flemish 17th century. Well-known American and Italian artists of the 20th century are also included in the collection.
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