Castello di Reschio
A true one-of-a-kind

Explore 1,500 hectares of pristine wilderness, protected, restored and brought back to thrilling life by a dynamic & notable family. Endless eye-opening activities, from horses to trekking, to truffle hunting, to Studio visits… to name just a few. Umbria at its very best. One of Atelier Voyage´s latest Coup de Coeur.

Atelier Voyage states:
There are few places on earth where on can feel so connected to the Family Founders, the unique concept of the designed common spaces, the sumptuous accommodations, the Spa & outer pool, the surrounding Nature, the gastronomy and impeccable service

Count Bolza and his son Benedikt, 
Donna Nencia, Benedikt and their five children

Indeed, after Count Bolza purchased the Estate in 1984, his son Benedikt, together with his wife, Donna Nencia, visualised a phenomenal hotel and set about the metamorphosis of the ancient castle into the magnificent 36-room Hotel Castello di Reschio.

Benedikt´s father’s stable of 40 magnificent Spanish horses, bred and trained for dressage, are much acclaimed.


The Castello, dating back to 1050, is a historical gem brimming with interest and intrigue. Now, after years of careful restoration, it has been transformed into a singularly unique hotel filled with wit, whimsy and effortless style.


Castello di Reschio embraces an organic approach to design, creating beautiful rooms filled with comfort and wit, while artfully and subtly referencing the fascinating characters who once lived here.

Stunning washroom designs
Living spaces that re-imagine “leisure moments”


Sunk like a glimmering optical illusion into the verdant lawns is our incredible outdoor pool.
Located just outside the castle walls – and mirroring the historic, time-worn ramparts – the water gently overflows the stone rim of the pool to the grass at its edge, while tall umbrella pines provide balmy shade. Leafy niches between the trees and around the gardens, meanwhile, offer more secluded spaces for families or couples.

Atelier Voyage states: “One of the most impressive outdoor heated pool settings and original design ever experienced in our many visits and stays.”

A view of the pool surrounded by Umbrian landscape


The castle’s ancient wine cellars, below the Palm Court, have been transformed into our otherworldly Bathhouse, a steamy, dreamy retreat. Worn stone steps lead down to a tranquil sanctuary of therapeutic interconnecting spaces, offering holistic, nurturing treatments to soothe both body and soul.

Atelier Voyage states: “There is the unforgettable Maria – Head therapist that will make you discover new treatments that will change your perception of yourself.”

Detailed view of The Pope´s Couple Treatment Room
Detailed view of The Pope´s Couple Treatment Room


Graceful, intelligent, resilient and strong: these are what define Reschio’s purebred Spanish horses. Our magnificent stables are the brainchild of our founder, Count Antonio Bolza, who was inspired as a boy by the famous Lipizzaner horses of Vienna. He founded his stud in 1999, and now Reschio is home to some of the world’s most skilled dressage horses. Come along for a hack through the wilderness, or take in one of our dressage performances – trust us, you’ll be amazed

Spanish horses at their best
Equestrian set-up extraordinaire at Castello di Reschio.


Notably, Benedikt (owner), is a trained architect which led to the design of each spaces along with each accommodation – celebrated line of furniture, & lamps “B.B. for Reschio”, that adds the aura to each angle of the property, with two restaurants, two bars, a pool watch tower “Il Torrino” and a wine cellar, not to mention a shop with hand-picked treasures from Count Benedikt and Donna Nencia but also their Estate wines at the “Enoteca”.

At Reschio, food is at the core of the Estate. Sourcing only the finest local ingredients, as well as carefully foraging little-known delicacies from the estate, the chefs magic up simple but delectable menus served up in cinematic locations.

Detailed view of the Palm Court Bar
Wine cellear “Enoteca” with private sitting area
Bar Centrale @ Ristorante delle Scuderie
Thank you Florian @ Flospitality for making this happen!
Donna Nencia unforgettable flower arrangements

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