About us
Atelier Voyage, based in Munich, Germany, offers all of its knowledge of properties, including hotels, resorts and special journeys worldwide… as well as the latest trends as per design, art, architecture and gastronomy. Atelier Voyage indeed offers an impressive network of contacts and compilation of over 6000 first class destinations, but also private yacht charters and villas across the globe.

Discover the many benefits of booking with Atelier Voyage, the first VIRTUOSO Agency Member in Germany. In addition to your tailor-made itinerary, Atelier Voyage Travel Designers send you latest tips and updates on lifestyle and cultural gems.

Co-founders Gerhard Lindermeir and Gabriel D. Doucet Donida endlessly create along with their Travel Designer Team unique and memorable experiences for you, family & friends - wherever your heart may lead you and your dreams may take you.
✪ Above all, Atelier Voyage offers all of its knowledge of design, art, architecture and its undying passion for properties, hotels, resorts and special journeys worldwide. Our cosmopolitan team of travel designers ensures and guarantees a complete voyage experience in all comfort and safety for unforgettable experiences.

✪ Atelier Voyage is proud to be the first and only VIRTUOSO Founding Member in Germany.