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Deep Sea Cream
by Ligne St Barth
This is a story about passion and the strength of ideas. A story about admiring and valuing nature. Lying behind LIGNE ST BARTH’s innovative new product are decades of research, reinforced by the infinite determination of two men to both understand and emulate the mechanisms of nature. ST BARTH Deep Sea Cream is an extremely effective facial care with absolutely no chemical additives. The cream base replicates the structure of the human epidermis, allowing the skin to absorb the cream quickly and easily, leaving skin more resistant, radiant and energised, and enhancing the skin’s natural protective layer. This lipid structure is packed with the most powerful, precious and high-quality active anti-ageing agents, which work up to ten times more effectively than those found in conventional creams.

ST BARTH Deep Sea Cream is free from emulsifiers, preservatives, mineral oils, silicones, amines and colourants, making it perfect for all skin types. ST BARTH Deep Sea Cream is not just another skin cream. It is a philosophy representing the holistic and sustainable vision of LIGNE ST BARTH, and it is a true symbol of harmony and well-being.
✪ Active Ingrediensts reduce skin ageing dramatically.
✪ Effect of active ingredients up to ten times stronger than in conventional creams.
✪ Formula is absorbed easily and quickly by the skin.
✪ Leaves skin energised, fresh and more resistant.
✪ Enhances the skin´s natural protective layer.
✪ Boosts the skin´s radiance, giving it a natural glow.
✪ Free from chemical emusifiers, preservatives, mineral oil, silicones, colourants and amines.
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