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Guidance to help reduce harmful foods, drinks or toxic substances for a period of time, in order to improve health
Detox spas use a variety of techniques to detox the body, including fasting, colonics, specialized diets and spa anti-stress treatments. But programs at detox spas vary widely, and some might be considered "detox light." If detoxing is your goal, it is important to understand exactly what the detox spa offers in the way of programs, staff and support.

It is important to get the help from nutritionists and therapists, and complement this with a healthy diet and daily activities with personal trainer, etc. General medical check-up at the start and at the end of the given program and psychological support during your Detox program is important for your ongoing wellbeing.

Feel good on the inside, look good on the outside with various treaments:

? Drain your lymphatic system to strengthen your immune system
? Restore your acid/alkaline balance
? Lose weight, burn fat, reduce cellulite
? Massages and activities that help stimulate your metabolism, such as Shiatsu Zen, and other therapies.
? Improve your digestive function with colon hydrotherapy and pressotherapy sessions.