Release of physical, spiritual, and psychological stress, the root causes may lie in attitudes and daily behaviours
Since it is proven that the type of food we eat affects our general state of mind and stress levels, you will probably be advised what foods suit you best. Treatments can be over one day, several days or even several weeks, depending on levels of stress and your time available.

A fast paced lifestyle together with bad eating habits is one of the main factors behind an increase in emotional and physical stress. The lack of energy prevents us from being able to make the most out of our real potential. Relaxing anti-stress cures will drain off all the cumulated poor tensions created by a stressful life and an exhausting daily. The methods used will eliminate all the muscles and psychological tensions.

Highly recommended for Burn-out syndroms, Sleeping disorders and Tobacco users.

Symptoms can include chronic stress, lack of concentration, lethargy, irritability, migraines, headaches, anxiety and/or general fatigue.

Anti-Stress treatment can take many forms, including acupuncture, massage, and meditation, sauna, steam & jacuzzi baths as well as physical exercise.

The program is defined after an initial health check, including blood pressure reading.