Delaying or lessening the effects of aging, especially on the skin
Preferred anti-aging treatment, and most efficient is the Acupuncture Facial Rejuvenation, one of a kind replacement to Botox and other invasive techniques, and used by Chinese women for centuries, with proven efficiency. This can be found at La Réserve Ramatuelle Geneva, but also at other selected properties worldwide.

Experience Herbal Rejuvenator Scrubs, exfoliation technique with mineral salts and oils which helps remove any dry, flaky skin, in combination with moisturizer which makes your skin resplendant.

Scrubs can be followed by Clay Body Wrap treatments, which detoxify your skin and infuse it with nutrient-rich vitamins and anti-aging oxidants. Combine it with face and neck massage for a full anti-aging experience.
A comprehensive anti-aging program would include:

? General medical check-up at the start and at the end of the given program
? Counselling and advice from an Antiaging expert at each stage of the program
? Counselling and advice from an expert in nutrition and natural therapy at each stage of the program

Each Anti-Aging program offers a diet and treatments that is tailor-made to your needs.