From super yacht charter and crewed luxury yachts to bareboat yacht rental, sailing or motor yacht charters, in the Mediterranean Caribbean and worldwide. We will deliver excellent, well organized charters on the best available charter yachts. As we do not own or directly manage the suggested yachts available, we can objectively and without bias recommend the best yachts in the world from every supplier and Yacht manager. Locate with worldwide contacts the most suitable yacht, whether you know exactly what you require or wish to use our experience for suggestion.

Countless number of different activities, from fishing to scuba diving to snorkeling, windsurfing to surfing, kayaking, jet skiing, water skiing. We can organize fine dining ashore at recommended restaurants, or aboard with your own professional chef. Ecological based charters where you can watch whales, dolphins, rays, coral fish, sharks or go ashore to experience the local wild life or culture. Contact Atelier Voyage Travel Designers, free of charge, to ensure you find the motor or sailing Yacht of your dreams.
Steps for a successful Yacht Charter:

1. Fill out the Travel Request Form. Yacht options will be sent to you within 48 hours

2. Once you chose a Yacht, a rental contract is issued and a deposit is made to secure it

3. Once secured, we will assist you with any arrangements you may need (ex: rental car; grocery provisioning; chef or crew members)

4. Key local contacts welcoming you to your chosen Yacht & ensuring continuity in quality of service offshore if required