expedition ANTARTICA
a Christmas adventure - From Ushuaia to Ushuaia - Your Ship: MS HANSEATIC
Experience a guaranteed white Christmas in the fascinating ice landscapes of Antarctica, and celebrate the start of the year in the company of Adelie and chinstrap penguins. Amidst a majestic world of glaciers, close up wildlife observations and sensational panoramas make for unforgettable holidays.

- Dream destination for birdwatchers.
- Animals, as far as the eye can see: South Georgia.
- Worlds of wonder: South Shetland Islands and the Antarctic Peninsula.
- The Penola Strait.
- The legendary Cape Horn.

The Falkland Islands. For the first time, climb aboard the Zodiacs of the HANSEATIC, and encounter a fascinating bird kingdom up close with a wealth of different species. On several flexible landings, you will experience this unique ecosystem in detail while observing rockhopper and Magellanic penguins, who share their habitat with kelp geese, black-browed albatrosses and steamer ducks alongside our experts. In contrast, the small capital city of Stanley appears “very British”. Discover Victorian houses and the southernmost Anglican church in the world.

Three days of expeditions full of superb experiences lay before you, when glaciated peaks on the horizon herald this unique animal paradise. Hundreds of thousands of king penguins populate the coastline and slopes of the island and animate the stunning landscape. On up to three daily excursions and Zodiac landings you will come right up close to the rich animal kingdom and may discover elephant seals fighting over a harem, or gentoo and thousands of king penguins just hatching or observe them rearing their young. Outstanding experts, which have extensive Antarctic experience, familiarise you with the fauna and flora. In Grytviken, immerse yourself in the exciting history of polar research: visit the one-time church and former whaling station of 1913 and the grave of the polar researcher Sir Ernest Shackleton, whose legendary Endurance expedition to South Georgia had a happy ending. In good weather, get an insight into the day-to-day life of modern polar researchers when you visit the Argentinian research station Orcadas on the South Orkney Islands by Zodiac (subject to authorisation). And with a little luck, view majestic icebergs for the first time ahead of Signy Island.

Your expedition leads you directly into an adventure through the Weddell Sea to Paulet Island. The ice crunches and cracks on the strengthened bow of the ship, and you get much more of an idea of what exertions the pioneers of polar research had to endure. Where the weather and ice conditions determine the course, the experienced crew reacts flexibly and spontaneously to bring you unforgettable moments in the wondrous world of the Antarctic. The experience determines which day the HANSEATIC presses further south. Look forward to sights such as Paradise Bay: the glaciers tower hundreds of metres high and snow-covered peaks surround the bay, where icebergs the size of a house float. Your accompanying expert team reveal new worlds of knowledge and set foot on the Antarctic mainland with you if the weather and ice conditions permit a landing. Regarded as being one of the most spectacular ship passages in the world is the Lemaire Channel: mountains of up to 1,000 metres high flank the waterway and appear within your reach, while a mystical calm prevails.

In the Penola Strait, the excitement on board increases once again: how far can the HANSEATIC push south? A question that can only be answered on board. But you will certainly enjoy the full beauty of this Antarctic world of wonder on Zodiac landings. Between icebergs and large colonies of Adelie and chinstrap penguins, it is easy to be amazed.

The memorable conclusion to your cruise is provided by the legendary Cape Horn, which was circumnavigated for the first time in 1616. A final landing with the Zodiacs will be possible in good weather and if the current is favourable. Then you can climb up to the famous albatross monument, which commemorates the seamen of earlier times – and look back on an unforgettable Antarctic expedition.

ITINERARY (26-day wonder cruise)

DAY 01
Scheduled flight Germany – Buenos Aires

DAY 02
City tour
overnight stay with breakfast

DAY 03
Charter flight to Ushuaia/Argentina, departure 22.00 hrs

DAY 04
Relaxation at sea

DAY 05-06
Falkland Islands

DAY 07-08
Relaxation at sea

DAY 09-11
South Georgia

DAY 12
Relaxation at sea

DAY 13-21
South Orkney Islands , Weddell Sea , South Shetland Islands , Antarctic Peninsula

DAY 22
Travelling through the Drake Passage

DAY 23
Cape Horn/Chile

DAY 24
Ushuaia/Argentina, arrival 6.00 hrs
charter flight to Buenos Aires
overnight stay with breakfast

DAY 25
Scheduled flight Buenos Aires – Germany

DAY 26
Arrival in Germany
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