HaVana - Santo Domingo
Havana, Cuba - Santo Domingo, Dom. Republic | March-April | 11 days (10 nights) | Sea Cloud II
HISTORICAL HAVANA | Imposing fortresses, baroque churches, palaces and lively shopping streets are what define Havana´s old town. It is not only a UNESCO World Heritage Site, but a well known place to spot American vintage cars and to stroll down come sunset.

CUBAN BEACH HEAVEN | On the Isla de la Juventud and in Maria la Gorda there is much to admire both in, on and under the water: solitary picture-perfect beaches with palm trees, a warm, gentle sea sparkling in numerous shades of blue and a coral reef with perfect snorkelling conditions.

TRINIDAD´s OLD TOWN | Beautifully restored colonial facades, languorous alleyways, and a turquoise sea right on your doorstep - the old town of Trinidad de Cuba is an exceptional treasure and one of UNESCO´s World Heritage Sites.

THE SPIRIT OF SALSA - A CUBAN CREATION | Salsa developed from a mix of Caribbean rhythms and American jazz. True Cuban artistic legends came together for the Buena Vista Social Cllub project, which was mainly devoted to son, another Cuban music style. In the clubs of Santiago de Cuba, and in an evening performance live on board, you can experience both the spiriti and the melancoly sentiment of these songs.
Spa Program
Spa program
11-DAY ITINERARY (example)

DAY 01
Havana/Cuba, individual arrival in Havana. Embarkation on the Sea Cloud II

DAY 02
At sea

DAY 03
Maria la Gorda/Cuba

DAY 04
Isla de la Juventud/Cuba

DAY 05
Cienfuegos/Cuba, Panoramic trip to the Valle de Los Ingenios and walk through Trinidad´s historical quarter.

DAY 06
At sea

DAY 07
Santiago de Cuba/Cuba, excursion to El Morro, afternoon walk through Santiago de Cuba and visit to a Salsa bar.

DAY 08
Port Antonio/Jamaica, Rafting on the Rio Grande or a city tour with visit to the Somerset Falls.

DAY 09
At sea

DAY 10
At sea

DAY 11
Santo Domingo/Dom. Republic, Disembarkation, return home individually.

ONBOARD WITH Dr. Constantin Elfe.

Elfe is a passionate sailor who studied history and politics, as well as American Studies, and who works for the German Parliament. His talks cover a wide range of topics.
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