Tillmann Lauterbach Paris
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Tillmann Lauterbach was born in Bonn, Germany, but sees himself both German and Spanish. He spent most of his early childhood in the countryside on the island of Ibiza before starting school in Germany then later in Switzerland.
Today, the nomadic spirit remains a key element in Lauterbach’s work. It is infused in the elegant rawness of his signature menswear and also seen throughout his artwork made of found objects. Lauterbach as interdisciplinary storyteller and craftsman collects random objects, some of which are not in a prime state, and experiments with materials. He builds collages of textures, colors and shapes.

The result is a collection of deceptively simple pieces with a rough elegance that combines artisanal techniques, the finest fabrics and freedom of form. Tillmann Lauterbach showed his first menswear collection during the Spring-Summer 2007 Fashion Week in Paris.
His constant traveling, from his atelier in Paris — the city where he trained as a designer and he now calls home — to Ibiza, Asia or his native Germany, made him want to design clothes for men who live a modern, hybrid lifestyle.

Freedom is at the core of Lauterbach’s creations. He has a non-uniform approach that always favors comfort over stiffness, creating versatile pieces that suit a business meeting as well as a party.
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