Sea cloud
Mediterranean Cruise
The Sea Cloud is truly a queen of the seas. Since her construction as a private yacht in 1931 in Kiel, her elegant appearance and magnificent interior have inspired awe. Those who have sailed with her in the Mediterranean return to her again and again. All around the Mediterranean ́s coasts, the cities and landscapes are bathed in an unforgettable light, but Mediterranean countries have much more to offer: here in the cradle of Western civilization, fascinating cities with great histories are waiting to be discovered.

The infectious „joie de vivre“ of the Mediterranean people makes life just a bit richer. On perhaps no other cruise ship than the Sea Cloud do travelers feel so well from the very first moment, and for good reason. For example, the excellent service and the private atmosphere on board, the Lido Bar on the sunny Promenade Deck and the stylish restaurant in the old salon.
The Sea Cloud offers routes around the Mediterranean Sea, Atlantic and Caribbean Sea. Atelier Voyage can help you to find the right program and dates for your Sea Cloud experience.
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