Rajasthan, Jaipur, India
Amanbagh is a verdant oasis of mature palm, fruit and eucalyptus trees lying within a walled compound once the staging area for royal hunts. Evoking the palatial elegance of the Moghul era, Amanbagh??s Haveli Suites and Pool Pavilions provide a tranquil base from which to explore the rich heritage of Rajasthan, India??s dramatic frontier region. Amanbagh??s award-winning design features domed cupolas and private courtyards.

The topography of the Alwar region consists of sandy plains interspersed with craggy hills, a stark contrast to Amanbagh??s setting which is an oasis of verdant greenery. Deriving its name from aman, meaning ??peace?? in Sanskrit and bagh, meaning ??garden?? in Hindi, Amanbagh lies within a walled compound once used by the Maharajah of Alwar to site his mobile hunting camps in search of the elusive tigers known to roam the nearby hills. Long since abandoned, the trees and vegetation continued to thrive due to a reliable source of underground water. The resort is very much a modern day ??Mughal Palace??, conceived in the present, but paying homage to the architecture and design of India??s golden age.
Spa Program
Spa program
?? Jaipur: 90 min.
?? Delhi: 270 min.

? 34 Haveli Suites
? 16 Pool Pavilions

? Formal and informal dining venues

? Aman Spa with various treatments
? Swimming pool (33m)
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