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Little Lelia
Easy to wear clothing for babies, girls & boys designed with a passion for unique patterns | www.littlelelia.com
Little Lelia, the new, unique children’s clothing company was founded in 2013 by two sisters with a shared knowledge of design and a passion for beautiful and uniquely patterned textiles. The influence of their multicultural background and the experience of growing up in Mexico, Spain and Germany inspired their later career choices in design and architecture. The combination of study and background certainly fueled the sisters’ ability to fuse the vibrancy of Latin life style with attention to detail and precision of German design and manufacture visible in the first Little Lelia collection.

The brand name Little Lelia is homage to the sister’s mother, Lelia, a former Couture Designer who first inspired her daughters with the innovative and beautiful clothing she sewed for them and the impulses their travels had on her other designs. The sister’s starting point was to re-interpret old patterns from their mother’s fashion archives. The toddlers and baby sunhat, a current collection favorite, is based on the original design Lelia created in the 1970’s reminiscent of baby sunhats inspired by those worn then by the farmers in Lanzarote.
Isabel Armbruster studied fashion design in Florence, New York, and Berlin. Under the tuition of the famed English designer, Vivienne Westwood, Isabel Armbruster graduated from Berlin’s Universität der Künste. She has worked as a designer, illustrator, and fashion advertising consultant. Isabel finds that living between continents has proven inspirational to her fashion ideas.

Especially as she has become a mother herself and knows what is important in the design of truly beautiful, practical, and innovative children’s clothing. She designs the collection and oversees the production of Little Lelia clothing in Germany.
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